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Cruise Ship Passengers

International Cruise Ship Visitors to Miami

Hand Fractures, Injuries or Infections or other condition.

If you have a hand injury, infection or other problem with your hand, wrist or arm, call South Florida Hand Surgery, to setup an emergency evaluation for you immediately upon return to Miami/Ft.Lauderdale.

Call: 786-637-3332

Dr. Benjamin J. Cousins M.D. is an experienced, Fellowship trained, CAQ Hand Surgery specialist available for emergency immediate consultation and evaluation to cruise ship passengers and visitors to Miami from all over the world. Any injuries to the nails, fingers, hand, wrist and arm can be evaluated with an in-person examination and evaluation by Dr. Benjamin J. Cousins M.D. a hand specialist for evaluation and examination.

For all international and cruise ship passengers, language interpretation and translation services are available to assist you. Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, Dutch, German, Russian and many others are available. Diagnostic X-rays/radiographs are available if needed as well

During your consultation, Dr. Benjamin J. Cousins M.D. will see you in person, examine you, discuss your injury or condition and provide you recommendations and answer any and all questions you may have.

Dr. Benjamin J. Cousins M.D. is an experienced CAQ Certified Hand Surgeon able to fully customize your experience and evaluation to help you get back to better health and recovery. Through his use of the highest level of specialized surgical care, Dr. Benjamin J. Cousins M.D. has experience in delivering the pinnacle for hand surgical care. Call him at South Florida Hand Surgery today to set up an evaluation and consultation today.